Feature Film



Film Still "Nighthawks"


Ron Peck 1978 109 Min
The first major British gay film, this study of a …
Film Still "The New Girlfriend"

The New Girlfriend

François Ozon 2014 108 Min
Claire and Laura have been best friends since childhood. They …
Film Still "Young Soul Rebels"

Young Soul Rebels

Isaac Julien 1991 105 Min
Youth culture meets identity politics in this part-thriller, part-gay love …
Film Still "Eros Erosion"

Eros Erosion

Anna Thew 1989 40 Min
A film about transience that shifts from a personal to …
Film Still "A Place in the Sun"

A Place in the Sun

Constantine Giannaris 1994 45 Min
The story of Panayiotis, an economic refugee from one of …
Film Still "Madagascar Skin"

Madagascar Skin

Christopher Newby 1995 91 Min
Harry, a young gay man, feels rejected because of a …
Film Still "A Friend of Dorothy"

A Friend of Dorothy

Raoul O'Connell 1995 32 Min
Winston arrives in New York University ready for the freedom …
Film Still "Caught Looking"

Caught Looking

Constantine Giannaris 1991 35 Min
"Caught Looking" sees a lonely gay man attempt to explore …
Film Still "My Last Round"

My Last Round

Julio Jorquera 2010 90 Min
Every chance is worth fighting for. In the south of …
Film Still "Darkness By Day"

Darkness By Day

Martín Desalvo 2013 76 Min
Two women, entangled in madness and attraction – and a …
Film Still "I Miss you when I see you"

I Miss you when I see you

Simon Chung 2018 93 Min
When a spark from the past shakes up Jamie's present, …
Film Still "Tangerine"


Sean Baker 2015 87 Min
After hearing that her boyfriend/pimp cheated on her while she …
Film Still "Don't Look at Me That Way"

Don't Look at Me That Way

Uisenma Borchu 2015 88 Min
Hedi is the new neighbor of Iva, who raises her …
Film Still "Tom at the Farm"

Tom at the Farm

Xavier Dolan 2013 105 Min
The story of Tom, who is in the grip of …
Film Still "A Man, His Lover, and His Mother"

A Man, His Lover, and His Mother

Marcel Gisler 2013 106 Min
Lorenz Meran, (40) a successful gay author suffering acute writers' …
Film Still "The Man Who Loved Yngve"

The Man Who Loved Yngve

Stian Kristiansen 2008 97 Min
It's November 1989, and the Berlin Wall is falling. In …
Film Still "The Parade"

The Parade

Srdjan Dragojevic 2012 115 Min
Present day Belgrade. The owner of the private security company, …

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