Philipp Mayrhofer 2012 18 Min

Drama, Short Film

Mr Königsberg is the owner of a small paper business. Despite his satisfying life, he is haunted by a vague melancholy and suffers from his reputation as a bad hunter. Whilst leaving for his weekly hunt, he decides to reverse destiny. more

Anka Schmid 2017 52 Min

Animation, Art, Documentary

In a playfully biographical manner, Anka Schmid recounts her generation’s hairy stories. Whether as a body ornament, political statement or even in the soup, hair is omnipresent – even when shaven. With an ingenious fusion of real-life and archive footage as well as stop- motion technique, the animadoc explores body … more

Nick Reding 2013 92 Min


Ni Sisi portrays a typical Kenyan community: a harmonious muddle of tribes, intermarriages, and extended families who have lived and worked together all their lives. Then one day rumors begin to spread and suddenly mistrust takes hold. People are identified as belonging to a different tribe rather than by their … more

Ceylan Özgün Özçelik 2017 94 Min

Drama, Thriller

The past cannot be edited​ ​ A news channel employee Hasret, has been seeing the same nightmare for quite some time. Through recurring nightmares, a question creeps into her mind: Is it possible that her parents were not killed in a traffic accident twenty years ago but have died in … more

Hynek Pallas, Jane Magnusson 2013 107 Min

Art, Documentary, History

Ingmar Bergmans life and his key films as seen and told by the greatest actors and directors of our time. Candid, funny and explicit interviews with the likes of Lars Von Trier, Martin Scorsese, Woody Allen, Isabella Rossellini and Michael Haneke - some shoot at Bergman's last home on the … more


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