Documentary, Lifestyle

"[M]otherhood" provides answers so that never again will you feel the need to question a woman who doesn’t want to have kids. A group of women discuss this topic and their solid, hard-hitting arguments hammer into the ideals of modern motherhood. They break taboos, challenge the idea of maternal instincts … more

Constance Meyer 2015 15 Min

Drama, Short Film

A lonely sixty-year-old man lives in a small apartment on the top floor of a tower. Every day, a young woman entrusts her baby to him. A natural and unusual bond unites these two beings, one solid and sturdy, the other small and delicate. more

Art, Documentary

Photographer Mekhar Kiyoso is in the Africa Museum for a shoot. His gaze is soon unsettled as he views through his lens the macabre museum as a mausoleum of his cultural heritage. As he’s being possessed by the artefacts, he remembers being alienated from them. Lobi Kuna (which in Lingala … more

François Ozon 2014 108 Min


Claire and Laura have been best friends since childhood. They grow up side by side, sharing all beautiful and sad experiences. But the friendship that seemed to last forever comes to an abrupt end when Laura dies. She leaves behind a little baby and her husband David. Claire has to … more

Chabname Zariab 2015 26 Min

Drama, Short Film

In Afghanistan, the "batchas" are young male prostitutes who live under the protection of a master in their house where they are trained to dance, dressed as girls for the men's audience. The film tells the story of one of them, Saman, when a younger batcha appears to replace him... more


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