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Keiji Aiuchi 1984 4 Min
The coelacanth, as a time capsule of life's memory, conveys …


Keiji Aiuchi 2002 10 Min
During a sudden silence, people say the angel is passing …


Keiji Aiuchi 2001 5 Min
The shadows of people in the aerial corridor look like …

And I see you see me see you

Keiji Aiuchi 1994 17 Min
An endless cycle of "I see you, see me, see …


Noriko Okaku 2011 5 Min
A rhythmic journey of a girl lost in a colourful …

Diametric Artemaid

Noriko Okaku 2003 2 Min
The Visual experiment of analog animation movement, collaboration with a …


Noriko Okaku 2005 4 Min
Just as a tree is a tree from any of …


Noriko Okaku 2003 3 Min
The visual pleasure of analogue animation movement.

The Resolution of the Congress 1962

Noriko Okaku 2010 1 Min
The found footage of actual audio recording of John F. …

The Allegory of Mrs.Triangle

Noriko Okaku 2009 7 Min
"The Allegory of Mrs. Triangle" was made during a three …

Juan of the Witches

Andrew Houchens 2019 18 Min
Juan of the Witches honors 82-year-old Juan Medellín's legacy as …


Valentino R. Sandoli 2016 19 Min
Innocence, sex and lust converge to tell the story of …


Jay Bedwani 2018 12 Min
Sebastién is a gay acrobat living for the thrill of …

Nothing Happens

Michelle Kranot, Uri Kranot 2017 12 Min
The spectacle of watching and being watched.


Timo Pierre Rositzki 2011 7 Min
When Caro is approached by Thomas, she has no idea …


Peter Volkart 2015 14 Min
Subotika, a little-known island on the other side of the …


Sameh Alaa 2017 10 Min
On a hot summer day, a taciturn teen boy makes …

The Letter

Kenneth Mercken 2011 15 Min
A young Russian travels to Belgium to achieve his boyhood …

The Last Will

Dustin Loose 2014 21 Min
To fulfill the last will of his mother, the young …

Lost Senses

Marcin Wasilewski 2013 6 Min
A short story about an encounter in an abstract world, …

Job Interview

Julia Walter 2013 9 Min
When Lisa applies for a job everything seems to be …


Uwe Greiner 2010 10 Min
Oscar jumps on his subway as every day. But at …


Lyubo Yonchev 2017 15 Min
When an alienated mother returns to Bulgaria to abduct her …

Sparkling Candles

Thanasis Neofotistos 2019 10 Min
A young guy, listening to "Power Of Love" on repeat, …


Katarzyna Gondek 2015 9 Min
It's white and windy all around. A gigantic figure emerges …
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