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Film Still "Sidewalls"


Gustavo Taretto 2011 90 Min
Martín and Mariana are slightly damaged people who live in …
Film Still "Dr. Ketel"

Dr. Ketel

Linus de Paoli 2011 80 Min
Berlin's notorious Neukoelln district. The near future, a time in …
Film Still "Noise and Resistance"

Noise and Resistance

Francesca Araiza Andrade, Julia Ostertag 2011 87 Min
This documentary pictures a globally interconnected and political music scene, …
Film Still "Coupling"


Hardi Sturm 2011 20 Min
Adele and Tim, Sabrina and Sven. Two couples. One evening. …
Film Still "Julian"


Matthew Moore 2011 13 Min
Nine-year-old Julian is an attentive, precise boy who likes to …
Film Still "A German Loves His Fatherland"

A German Loves His Fatherland

Nico Sommer 2011 20 Min
Jens is open-minded, tall and good-looking, but his total honesty …
Film Still "I Am John Wayne"

I Am John Wayne

Christina Choe 2011 18 Min
A young black cowboy struggles with the death of his …
Film Still "The Minister"

The Minister

Pierre Schoeller 2011 115 Min
Transport Minister Bertrand Saint-Jean is awoken in the middle of …
Film Still "Duran Duran: Unstaged"

Duran Duran: Unstaged

David Lynch 2011 121 Min
Duran Duran Unstaged is a multimedia event that takes the …
Film Still "I Want to Run"

I Want to Run

Achim Michael Hasenberg 2011 89 Min
In 2009 started the hardest and longest footrace in the …
Film Still "I Travel Alone"

I Travel Alone

Stian Kristiansen 2011 90 Min
Jarle Klepp (25) is a talented student, spending his time …
Film Still "Goodbye First Love"

Goodbye First Love

Mia Hansen-Løve 2011 106 Min
15-year-old Camille and 19-year-old Sullivan are in love for the …
Film Still "The Virgin, the Copts and Me"

The Virgin, the Copts and Me

Namir Abdel Messeeh 2011 85 Min
Namir's mother is a Coptic Christian. She is convinced that …
Film Still "Policeman"


Nadav Lapid 2011 105 Min
Yaron is a police officer and belongs to an elite …
Film Still "Sing Your Song"

Sing Your Song

Susanne Rostock 2011 104 Min
Most people know the lasting legacy of Harry Belafonte, the …
Film Still "Violeta Went to Heaven"

Violeta Went to Heaven

Andrés Wood 2011 110 Min
A portrait of famed Chilean singer and folklorist Violeta Parra …
Film Still "Hackney Lullabies"

Hackney Lullabies

Kyoko Miyake 2011 11 Min
Every night under Hackney skies, mothers from faraway lands create …
Film Still "MPA - Medical Psychological Assessment"

MPA - Medical Psychological Assessment

Robert Bohrer 2011 6 Min
Two years of MPA preparation, preparation for the Medical Psychological …
Film Still "Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too"

Bruce Lee Played Badminton Too

Corrie Chen 2011 14 Min
Nic wants to be the greatest badminton player in the …
Film Still "Five Minute Love Story"

Five Minute Love Story

Robert Jenne 2011 7 Min
A five-minute relationship going through the emotions of a lifetime-relationship. …
Film Still "Luminaris"


Juan Pablo Zaramella 2011 6 Min
In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary …
Film Still "Summer Bummer"

Summer Bummer

Bill Plymton 2011 2 Min
A man about to go swimming imagines what horrors could …
Film Still "Amar"


Andrew Hinton 2011 10 Min
Amar is 14, top of his class and the main …
Film Still "Conte de faits"

Conte de faits

Yumi Yoon 2011 4 Min
In 1960, in South Korea, a 5 years old girl …
Film Still "Fais croquer"

Fais croquer

Yassine Qnia 2011 22 Min
Yassine, a passionate young film lover, wants to shoot a …
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